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With my pre-save date, October 22, coming up, I want to tell you all a little bit more about my two debut singles. The first song, “cold coffee,” I wrote after a particularly vivid dream, and the second, “hurricane martin,” I based on a series of recurring dreams. I liked the idea that there was a thematic thread linking the two songs together–I’m a sucker for a theme!

In the dream that inspired “cold coffee,” it was my wedding day and everything had been planned out for me without my input. I started in a bathroom at a hotel, whose floor was a cold, hard, houndstooth tile. From the bathroom, I could hear the laughter of a lifetime of people that I had met, but I couldn’t see them. In fact, I never once saw the person I was supposed to be marrying in the dream, but I did have a few panicked conversations with friends. The wedding was set to take place on a high school football field, but just as I was lining up to walk down the aisle, I panicked and ran away back to the bathroom, repeating the words, “I can’t do this,” until I reached the houndstooth floor and sat down on the cold tile. At the end of the dream, my dad came in with my best friend to tell me that it was time to go back out there and get married, but in my mind, I was thinking about running. I woke up just as I was struggling with the fork in my life’s path. I wrote this song to reconcile all the immense pressure I faced in this dream, a dream so heavy with symbolism that I’m still unpacking it.

In contrast, “hurricane martin,” was inspired by my time working in escape rooms. During that period of my life, I kept having this dream that I would show up to work and my task for the day would be to run this room called the Sand Martin, which did not exist in real life. The theme of the Sand Martin was a house that had been ravaged by a recent hurricane. Clues were hidden inside the microwave and on the porch and similar spots, but the room itself was heavily damaged. After months of dreaming, intermittently, about the Sand Martin, I started to realize just how symbolic certain aspects of the dream were within my own life. There were parts of myself I was locking away, parts that were destroying me, that I had to solve. This song explores the depths of my mind that I was afraid to face for far too long.

I can’t wait for the world to hear these two songs! Please be sure to pre-save them on Spotify on October 22nd, so you can stream them as soon as they’re out on October 29th!

Pre-Save “cold coffee” HERE:

Pre-Save “hurricane martin” HERE:

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