I spent several years gigging across the UK with my band, Glass Jackets, before a wave of visa problems caught up with me and brought me back to Boston. The following year, eager for another shot, I found my way back home to Cardiff , where the band was set to leave for a UK tour, moments before the first Covid-19 lockdown was announced. Suddenly living in a changed world with no way to meet up with half of Glass Jackets, bandmate Elliot Oakley and I formed a duo project called Wyllows, which went on to garner attention from BBC Wales and BBC Horizons, surpassing 20,000 streams on Spotify. Now, due to the landscape of the current world, I am back in the US for good and excited to start a new chapter.

With Mystee, I hope to create something of a blank slate for my own songs to inhabit. I believe the world will never be the same after the pandemic is over and I see the rebirth of the music industry as an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to create music free of visa restrictions and quarantines.

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